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You've just said "yes" to the proposal and your sparkly new princess cut diamond engagement ring is on your finger. You want to show off your bling to family and friends, so what better way than with a social media post showcasing your ring?
You might not get a say in your engagement ring, but your wedding band is more likely to be your choice. With this in mind, you might be thinking about trying to match the styles so that you can wear them together.
Ready to take the next step in your relationship? This blog post will give you some tips and ideas on how to drop those hints and potentially get that much anticipated “yes”! Read on and find out what secrets you may uncover from our guide.
The shape of the diamond is one of the factors that will influence the overall price, as some shapes result in more wasted stone, and this drives up the price. You also need to consider your personal style and what shapes will suit you...
There has been a sharp increase in demand for lab grown diamonds, as couples turn their backs on mined diamonds for a range of reasons. There is also a lack of reliable information available about how to properly care for these diamond rings...
Lab grown diamonds are disrupting the diamond sector at an alarming rate. While sales of natural diamonds are falling, sales of lab grown alternatives are soaring...
When shopping for an engagement ring, you will face a lot of key decisions. You will need to choose the stone shape, the setting, the band metal and the style. A lab-grown diamond offers many of the same properties as a mined diamond, but for a fraction of the cost and without any of the ethical and moral objections.
Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they don’t have to be mined from the ground to be popular. In 2022, 36% of men proposed with a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. And this figure has doubled since 2020...
A quick search for women’s engagement rings will uncover over 149 million search results. But if you search for men’s engagement rings, this drops to just under 40 million results. While this is still a lot of choices, it’s certainly much lower than for women...
With so many traditions to navigate, it can be difficult to know the right move when it comes to wedding bands, engagement rings and eternity rings. While there are traditions to be followed, more women are choosing to put their own preferences first and make their own traditions.
Choosing which finger to wear an engagement ring on is a big decision, and one that should be considered carefully. After all, this is the finger you will wear your symbol of love for the rest of your life, so there are several factors to consider.
Thinking about popping the question? Getting engaged is a big step for anyone, and you want to know that it’s going to be perfect. From choosing the right ring to making a splash with your announcement, there are so many factors to consider.

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