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Which Order Do You Wear Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings?

Which Order Do You Wear Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings?

With so many traditions to navigate, it can be difficult to know the right move when it comes to wedding bands, engagement rings and eternity rings. While there are traditions to be followed, more women are choosing to put their own preferences first and make their own traditions.

In this guide, we’ll explore the significance of the engagement ring, the wedding band and eternity rings and offer some guidance about how you should wear these rings together.

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is given to a person as a gift to request their hand in marriage. It is a symbol of your partner’s love and devotion. Women’s engagement rings are typically very decorative and might feature precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds or sapphires. 

What is a wedding band?

The wedding band is typically a plain metal band that is given to a person on their wedding day. During the wedding ceremony, the couple exchange vows and place the wedding band on their ring fingers. The wedding band is a symbol of your marriage.

What is an eternity ring?

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring or infinity ring is typically set with small gemstones circling the outside of the band. It is typically given as a gift on a significant anniversary, usually after five years or more. The continuous band of gems signifies never ending love and devotion.

Do women wear all of the rings at once?

Some women will choose to wear all three rings at once, often because the bands are designed to be worn together. The rings are nearly always worn on the left ring finger. They are stacked together and create the illusion of one larger ring.

Women might wear all three at once all the time, or they might choose to only wear them all for special occasions. Since the engagement ring and eternity ring are often the eternity ring are typically the most expensive, it’s common for these to stay in a safe place and only come out on special occasions.

What order should they wear them in?

What order should they wear them in?

The correct order for the rings is wedding ring, then engagement ring and then infinity ring. However, there might be a different order that works best for you. For example, if your engagement ring is looser, you might choose to hold this in place with your wedding band and infinity ring.

Others choose to wear their wedding ring, then their eternity ring and then the engagement ring. The order you choose may depend on how the rings fit together. 

For example, if you have a wedding band that has a little groove or indent for the engagement ring setting, you’ll want to keep these together. In this case, you would wear your engagement ring, then your wedding band and then your infinity ring.

What if you can’t wear your rings?

Some professions make it difficult to wear all three rings at once, and even a wedding band might be difficult. If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider wearing your rings on a necklace. This will allow you to keep them close by, without the risk of losing them. 

If you work in the medical profession, for example, you might have to take your rings off due to hygiene reasons. And if you work with your hands, you might want to keep your rings safe from wear and tear. In this case, you can put your wedding band on a necklace and keep your engagement ring and eternity rings safe at home, ready for a special occasion. 

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