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In this guide, we'll explore things you need to consider before proposing. We'll also share some fun and unique engagement proposal ideas – from the traditional to the creative. And finally, we'll also look at practical matters like how to choose the right ring, how to document the occasion and how to announce your engagement to the world.

Many people believe that it is bad luck to take off your engagement ring, and there are a few reasons why. In this blog post, we will explore the origins of this superstition and discuss whether or not it is actually bad luck to remove your ring.

When it comes to engagement rings, many people think of diamonds. And while natural diamonds remain the most popular option, lab-grown diamonds are becoming an increasingly viable alternative. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in every way, but they are environmentally friendly and conflict-free because they are not mined.
When it comes to engagements, there are a lot of traditions that couples follow. One of the most common traditions is who proposes. It's often thought that the man should be the one to propose marriage, but these days more and more women are taking on that role. 

Silver jewellery is a beautiful and popular choice for many people. It's less expensive than gold or platinum but is nonetheless popular thanks to its versatility. This cool-toned metal looks incredible against most skin tones and pairs perfectly with all stones, including diamonds. However, silver jewellery can tarnish over time if not properly cared for. Luckily, cleaning silver jewellery is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Gold is a soft metal, so it can scratch and ding easily. And because gold doesn't rust or tarnish, it can develop a dull patina over time from the oils in your skin. But don't worry, with a little TLC, your gold jewellery will be looking as good as new in no time.

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