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The tradition of exchanging engagement rings is a longstanding and cherished practice in many cultures. Explore the history of engagement rings, the significance of this tradition, and how the roles and expectations have evolved in modern times.
If you’re not sure what type of engagement ring to choose, opting for a timeless classic is a safe bet that will always be popular. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular timeless classics that seem to never go out of style.
When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you want to pick something unique and special. If you’re not fond of traditional and timeless styles, you might want to consider looking for something out of the ordinary and more unique...
As fashion preferences evolve, so do engagement ring trends. Some styles are truly timeless, like round-cut solitaire rings in a platinum setting. Meanwhile, the popularity of other designs changes every year. Here are the top 10 trends for 2024.
When it comes to matrimonial jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings both hold special significance, but they serve different purposes. Explore the distinctions between the two to help you decide if having both is right for you.
Many articles will focus on the gemstone, helping you to choose things like the type of stone, the size and the shape. But another key part of the engagement ring decision process is choosing the engagement ring setting...

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? But where do they come from? How do they get their sparkle? What makes them so expensive? And what are the alternatives if you don’t want to participate in the diamond trade? There are so many questions we hear about diamonds every day, so we’re going to try to answer a few of these today.

If you’re looking for engagement ring inspiration, it’s helpful to look to the rich and the famous for inspiration. Why is this? Famous people are often the first to set the trends, but they also have the budget to create new trends...
The options available to you when choosing an engagement ring can be overwhelming. And it’s not just the diamond that requires a lot of thought. The setting you choose will also help to dictate the style and aesthetic of the ring...
Getting the right ring can help to seal the deal by letting your partner know that you’ve really put some thought into this engagement. This means getting clued up on the ring buying process and the current trends in engagement ring styles...
Are you getting ready to propose the love of your life? It’s an exciting moment! But when that moment comes, will you know just what to say? You don’t want to fumble for words at a time like this and have it be something less than perfect.
If classic proposal locations like beaches and famous landmarks don't sound quite right for the special moment you’re creating, then why not consider making it even more memorable with a private proposal at home?

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