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How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

You've just said "yes" to the proposal, your sparkly new princess cut diamond engagement ring is on your finger, and all you can think about now is how beautiful it looks! 

You want to show off your bling to family and friends, so what better way than with a social media post showing off your ring.

But getting the perfect shot isn’t always as easy as some people make it look. Those candid snaps usually have a lot more thought and planning behind them. Here are our top tips for taking the best engagement ring selfies.

Make sure your ring is clean

If you’ve just been given the ring, chances are it will be pristine, but there’s always the chance it could have fingerprints of other sticky marks on it. Give it a quick polish to make sure there are no smudges that might impact then shine. If you've been wearing it for a while and it looks a little grubby, learn how to give your ring a more thorough clean on our blog.

Wash your hands and make sure yours and your partner’s finger nails are both clean. Some people like to have a manicure before they take the engagement ring selfie, but this isn’t a requirement.

Find the right background

Find the right background

When it comes to taking that perfect ring selfie, finding the right background is key. You want to choose a spot that not only complements your sparkling ring but also your outfit. 

Consider choosing a background that is simple and neutral, so that your ring can be the star of the show. A solid-coloured wall or a natural setting like a garden or park can make for a beautiful backdrop. 

You could even opt for a background that has sentimental value to you and your partner, adding an extra touch of meaning to your photo. For example, if you got engaged on the beach, you could include this in your background.

Make the most of your phone’s portrait settings to keep the foreground in focus while blurring the background. This will help to bring the focus to your ring.

Experiment with light

Experiment with light

Lighting can have a powerful impact on the ambiance and mood of a space. Natural light, in particular, is often preferred for its warm and inviting glow. However, indoor lighting can also be a fun and creative way to experiment with different effects. 

With the flick of a switch, you can change the entire atmosphere of a room. From bright and energetic to calm and cosy, indoor lighting offers endless possibilities for customization. So go ahead, play around with different lamps, bulbs, and fixtures until you find the perfect combination to suit your style and mood.

Try using a torch or phone light directed at your ring to give it extra sparkle.

Get creative with angles

Get creative with angles

Everyone loves a good selfie, especially when it captures a significant moment. And what better occasion to showcase than with your sparkling engagement ring? While snapping a quick photo might seem simple, it's not always easy to get the perfect shot that truly highlights the beauty of your ring. 

That's where experimenting with angles comes in. Play around with different perspectives and see which ones bring out the best in your ring. Whether it's a classic overhead shot or a unique side-angle, finding the perfect angle can make all the difference in your ring selfie game.

If you’re self-conscious about your hands, try different poses to show off the ring and make your ring the main focus. Try a combination of solo photos with just you and the ring, and then take some with your partner.

Remove other distractions

Remove other distractions

If you normally wear a few rings and pieces of jewellery, this is the time to remove them and allow the focus to be entirely on your ring. And don’t forget to remove your fitness watch. Wearing a fitness watch in your engagement photo will age the photo and remove some of the timeless quality of the moment.

Don’t settle for just one

When it comes to taking a great selfie, it all comes down to finding the right angle and taking multiple shots. By experimenting with different poses and perspectives, you can find the most flattering angle for yourself or your subject. 

And don't be afraid to take a bunch of shots - the more, the merrier! With multiple options, you can select the perfect shot that truly captures the moment. So go ahead, snap away and find your picture-perfect moment.

Closing thoughts on taking engagement ring selfies

Closing thoughts

All in all, taking the perfect ring selfie can add a special touch to an unforgettable moment. Planning is key: find the right background and lighting, pick the angle you love most, accessorise when necessary, and don't forget to take multiple pictures so you have a few to choose from.

When it comes to capturing a beautiful moment, practice makes perfect. So get creative and have fun until you find that perfect shot. Before you know it, your friends and family will be admiring your stunning ring selfie and reliving the unforgettable memory with you. 

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