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Welded Forever Bracelets

The ultimate luxury friendship bracelet.
For best friends, family, soulmates and lovers or just because you deserve something beautiful!


We Price Match All Engagement Rings


We are the original UK Welded Bracelet Event Specialists. We deliver a flawless service for large and small corporate and private events across the UK. We are used to working with PR companies and as part of wider event teams. We have worked with some of the UK's best known companies, brands and celebrities. We work under non disclosure agreements where required and always make the event that little bit more special. We can personalise our products with custom engraving, diamonds, sapphires of different colours, rubies and emeralds.

The FAQ below answers our most common questions but every event is different so please don't hesitate to get in touch via phone: 01903 444974 or email:

A Memorable Experience

Do something that your guests will not only love but remember! Our Welded Bracelet Stations take up very little space but have a huge impact within your event. This is a very instagramable experience. We always have queues and people always have their phones out recording what we do.

We Do Small Events Too!

Whilst we do large corporate events, weddings and large private functions, we also do more intimate events. These can be done at your venue or ours. We have a beautiful shop and studio that we can host you in and make extra special with champagne receptions and jewellery studio tours.

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