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The 10 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2024

The 10 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2024

As fashion and style preferences evolve, so do engagement ring trends. There are some ring styles that are truly timeless, such as a round-cut solitaire ring in a platinum setting. Jewellery companies like Tiffany’s have made this their signature style, but you don’t have to stick so firmly to tradition. Following the latest trends will ensure you get something unique and personal to you.

Should you follow tradition or trends?

Choosing your engagement ring is a deeply personal choice. You need to remember your own values while also considering the values and preferences of your partner. Most people will be happy with any ring because it’s a symbol of love and devotion from their partner. But some people will have a very distinct style and will want a ring that reflects this. There is no way to answer this for you, you just have to know your partner.

If you're planning to pop the question or looking to stay up-to-date with the latest engagement ring styles in 2024, here are the 10 trends you need to know:

Vintage and Antique Styles

Vintage and Antique Styles

Vintage and antique-inspired engagement rings have been gaining popularity in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2024. These rings often feature intricate details, filigree work, and unique gemstone shapes like Old European cuts and cushion cuts.

You might choose an actual vintage ring to achieve the old world charm or you might opt for a new ring in an antique style. These rings are popular with individuals who appreciate classic style and something a little bit different. If they are reluctant to wear an ostentatious or ‘blingy’ ring, then an antique or vintage style might offer the ideal compromise.


With a growing emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices, eco-friendly engagement rings are becoming more prevalent. Look for rings with lab-grown diamonds, recycled metals, or vintage stones to reduce their environmental impact.

This is about more than just sustainability. It’s also about the ethical implications of diamond mining. As we become more aware of the impact our consumer choices have on the wider world, it becomes more difficult to ignore poor labour practices around the world. 

Lab-grown diamonds offer a simple way to get around the ethical implications of diamond mining. Lab-grown diamonds are also cheaper than mined alternatives, and they typically offer superior qualities. 

Coloured Gemstones

Coloured Gemstones

While diamonds will always be a classic choice, coloured gemstones are making a comeback. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other colourful gems are being used as centre stones or accent stones in engagement rings to add a unique and personal touch.

The rise of lab-grown stones makes coloured diamonds more attainable. While it was once quite difficult to find the stones in the colour and shape that you want, made-to-order lab-grown diamonds make them a lot more accessible and available. This means far fewer compromises when designing a unique ring.

Oval and Emerald Cut Stones

Oval and emerald-cut diamonds are expected to be highly sought after in 2024. These elongated shapes offer a timeless yet distinctive look, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of classic and contemporary.

It’s also going to be increasingly popular to pair two diamonds or stones that are presented at an angle or offset in some way. This is known as the Toi Et Moi engagement ring, which could include an emerald cut stone alongside a pear cut stone. The result is an asymmetrical design that represents the unique pairing of the couple.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is making a resurgence as a popular metal choice for engagement rings. Its warm, rich hue adds a touch of nostalgia and complements various gemstone colours beautifully. For a long time, silver and platinum were the most common choices for engagement rings. However, colour theory teaches us that some people look better in cool tones while others look better in warm tones.

This resurgence in warm-toned jewellery extends beyond just gold and could also include rose gold for more vintage-inspired choices. 

Three-Stone Rings

The symbolism of past, present, and future in three-stone engagement rings continues to appeal to couples. The centre stone is often flanked by two smaller diamonds or gemstones, creating a striking and meaningful design.

Flanking a central stone with side stones will also make the middle stone look larger, so it’s a popular way to make your money go a little further. You could also pair a diamond with cheaper stones, such as moissanite. These look visually similar to diamonds but are a fraction of the cost.

Customization and Personalization

Customization and Personalization

Couples are increasingly interested in designing unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings that reflect their personalities and stories. Customization options allow for creativity in selecting gemstones, settings, and engraving meaningful dates or messages. 

The rise of celebrities designing their own rings is also paving the way for individuals to take a more involved role in creating their engagement rings. Rather than choosing one from the jewellery counter, couples are more likely to make something that is unique and one-of-a-kind. This could be combined with heirloom jewellery pieces, updated for the modern trends, to create something completely unique.

Art Deco Influence

The elegance and geometric shapes of the Art Deco era are making a comeback in engagement ring designs. Look for rings with geometric patterns, stepped designs, and baguette-cut diamonds for a touch of vintage glamour.

Art Deco styles often go hand in hand with bold gemstone choices such as dazzling blue sapphires, brilliant green emeralds or vivid topaz. Rubies and yellow diamonds also feature heavily. 

Minimalist and Dainty Designs

Minimalist and Dainty Designs

Minimalist engagement rings with delicate bands and understated settings are becoming more popular among couples who prefer simplicity and subtlety. These rings emphasise the beauty of the centre stone.

Couples could also choose non-traditional stones that are more earthy and whimsical, such as raw diamonds, moss agate or moonstone. A woman who is interested in crystals might be more interested in a stone that she believes offers some kind of power or spiritual benefit. Bear in mind that some of these stones will not stand the test of time. They might be okay in the short term, but they will be prone to breaking or shattering over time. Always check the Mohs hardness scale if in doubt.

Unique Band Shapes

Non-traditional band shapes, such as twisted, braided, or open designs, are gaining traction. These distinctive bands can add a touch of flair and uniqueness to the overall ring design. For example, Scarlett Johansson wears a curved ceramic engagement ring that supports a large, light brown oval diamond. This is a one-of-a-kind ring that would be difficult to replicate.

While celebrities might lead the charge with unique engagement rings, many couples are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to designing unique engagement rings. The rise of lab-grown diamonds is making the stones cheaper, so couples can have more flexibility when it comes to creating a unique setting. 

Which styles should you avoid in 2024?

Which styles should you avoid in 2024?

There are certain elements that might be trending but will make your ring more high-maintenance in the long term. 

  • Sterling silver might be a popular choice, but it is prone to tarnishing and will require constant maintenance. White gold and platinum will be a more durable and low-maintenance choice.
  • Some gemstones will not stand the test of time. They might be trending, but they won’t last forever. This includes stones like moonstone, opal, laboraide and turquoise.
  • Mass-produced rings are falling out of popularity as couples opt for unique and handmade designs. Mass-produced rings typically show inferior construction methods, which could mean that your stones are at risk in the long run. By choosing rings that are made with care, you can reduce the risk that the setting will come loose.
  • Impersonal rings. Choosing a ring style because it is popular is a bad approach. When choosing a ring for your partner, think about their style and personality. 


In 2024, engagement ring trends are all about personalization, sustainability, and a blend of classic and modern elements. Ultimately, the best engagement ring is one that resonates with the couple's unique style. It should also symbolise their love and commitment. When choosing an engagement ring, consider your partner's preferences and the trends that speak to both of you to find the perfect ring for this special occasion.

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