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Welded Twist Bracelet

The Welded Twist bracelet is one of our favourites! A rope style bracelet but a little looser, the Welded Twist Forever Bracelet is made with lots of interlocking links to give a twist to the chain that makes it so pretty! As it's a welded bracelet, there is no clasp. We weld it onto your wrist in store so that it's permanently worn.A little spark and it's permanently on your wrist! Available in 9ct Yellow Gold.


Our Welded Twist Bracelet is measured and fitted in store in Worthing, West Sussex. 


You can either buy online and make an appointment for fitting or make an appointment and choose your bracelet in store. 


Charms are also available for this bracelet with a choice of Personalised Disk Charms as well as Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby Charms.

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