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Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

Pictured here, the Lily Diamond Engagement Ring with a glittering 0.5ct lab-grown diamond.


If you need this for a special date, give us a call, otherwise you can expect delivery within 7-14 days.  



For when it’s all about the details. This intricately made Lily Diamond Engagement ring is a work of art within itself, not to mention the stunning hand-selected diamond. With its four-round crossover-claw setting and heart-shaped detail on the side, it is easy to get lost when admiring the craftsmanship of this gorgeous ring.


As with all our engagement rings, you can choose the specifications to customise yours:


- All precious metals to achieve look you want.

- 8 sizes of diamond. If you would like larger than 2ct, get in touch with us for a chat with our experts.  


Our Certified Diamonds

We hand-choose each diamond we use within our engagement rings, assuring yours will meet our guaranteed highest standards.


The beautiful diamonds we select have a minimum quality of DEF colourless colour range, SI1 clarity, and VG cut.


Your certified diamond comes with an IGI certificate to guarantee this quality.


We believe that truly beautiful diamond rings are also ethical diamond rings, so each diamond is lab-grown to help ensure the future of our planet. Stunning, eye clean, and honest stones - just how we like it.


Do you want to choose your own diamond? Book in for a video consultation or an in-person appointment. We can talk you through the process and help you pick the perfect one for your ring.


The Details/Specification

- Colour: DEF (Colourless) Colour Range (the very best range)

- Cut: Minimum of VG

- Clarity: Minimum of SI1

- Certificate: IGI Certified Diamond

- Setting: Four round crossover claw setting with heart shaped side detail

- Band dimensions (shank): 2.0 x 1.3



Once our specialist jewellers have made up your diamond engagement ring, we get it hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office.


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